Encouraging Financial Wellness at Work

With 1 in 4 Canadians facing financial struggles, providing financial education to your team can be a valuable investment. It can enhance productivity, retention, and overall satisfaction. We understand that supporting your employees’ financial literacy may be challenging due to time constraints. That’s where we come in. We’re dedicated to helping you and your team improve your financial knowledge through tailored workshops and webinars that address your specific interests and needs.

Is Our Program Right for You?

To determine if our workshops or webinars are suitable for your organization, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would my team benefit from gaining knowledge about financial matters?
  • Does my team seek impartial and unbiased information from their financial educator?
  • Does my team prefer an enjoyable and interactive learning experience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our skilled team of professional financial educators is ready to assist! Simply select a topic, choose a date and time, and invite your team. We’ll handle the rest.

Our Proven Track Record in Financial Education

Pursue Accurate Credit Elevation has guided and supported hundreds of thousands of Canadians in overcoming financial challenges and enhancing their financial well-being. Our experience naturally extends to financial education and employee assistance programs.

Our workplace financial education initiative aligns seamlessly with our vision, extensive experience, and proven success. Businesses, organizations of all sizes, and governmental entities trust us for our practical insights and expertise in improving individuals’ financial circumstances. They value our commitment to impartiality, as we do not endorse any commercial interests or promote financial products.

We offer a diverse array of workshops conducted by seasoned financial educators. We streamline the process by assigning a dedicated contact person to coordinate all arrangements. Additionally, workshop attendees receive complimentary access to confidential one-on-one financial coaching and online resources for further assistance with their financial situation.

Investing in your team’s financial education is an investment in their future and the overall success of your organization. Let us help you make a positive impact on their financial wellness.