PCU Lines of Credit

With PCU’s Line of Credit, members get the comfort of ready funds at low rates

Complete convenience and peace of mind, that's what you get with a PCU Equity Line of Credit. It’s convenient because you don't need to reapply again and again every time you need to borrow. It gives you peace of mind because, should an emergency arise, you know you will have the funds on hand to see you through it.  All this at rates that are less than half of what you would pay on a credit card.

The PCU Equity Line of Credit Includes:

• PCU-setting rates! Starting as low as PRIME!
• Borrow up to 80% of your homes appraised value.
• One-time approval process. Apply just once then borrow again and again up to your approved limit.
• Pay interest only on what you borrow.
• Easy to use! Write cheques or access funds through ATM, Telephone Banking or online banking.
• Low, minimum monthly payments interest only.
• No fees if line of credit is not in use.

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