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Marlene Miller since 1969

Marlene Miller is a long time member of PACE Credit Union. She moved from her childhood home out East to Toronto in 1964.  A few years later, Marlene became a member of PACE when she began working at General Electric.  She started with a savings account, depositing a portion of her pay each week.  As her needs changed, PACE was there to assist her with financial planning and advice.  

In 1974, Marlene purchased a home in the hope to turn it into an income property.  With help from PACE she was able to make her dream a reality.  After having a successful income property; Marlene decided to purchase and renovate a 21 unit apartment building.  When she went to a traditional bank for a mortgage, she was laughed out for the request.  When Marlene asked PACE for the mortgage she was greeted with open arms and was approved.  What started out as a dream became reality with the support of PACE.  This property allowed Marlene to retire at the age of 39 from General Electric.  

Marlene enjoys the relationship she has with PACE and likes how she is greeted by name.  She said, ‘PACE has been able to work with me to best suit my situation.  PACE has always been decent and fair.’

Marlene has become an avid traveler and is often traveling to new places around the world with her friends and family.  PACE has given her the freedom and flexibility to do what she enjoys.

Lori Van Kessel since 1979.


Chris Van Kessel Masonry is their Family-owned and founded business which currently employs their two sons Justin and Trevor as apprentices of the trade.  Over the past 25 years, they have been providing masonry services to the Durham Region.   Chris Van Kessel Masonry provides professional installation of footings, insulated concrete foundations (ICF), and masonry veneers in custom residential and commercial projects.


The Van Kessel’s live on a large farm where they raise sheep.   In the winter months they are avid skiers and snowmobilers.  This past winter they built an outdoor ice rink to play hockey and enjoy the outdoors with the family.

The PACE difference:

Being self employed masons made it difficult for the Van Kessel’s to get help from other financial institutions.  However, when they came to PACE, they looked deeper into their business and decided they would help.   Lori said, “Part of what makes PACE great is the branch managers and staff.”  She went on to say that they always greet her by name with a smile and since they are aware of her situation it allows them to help her immediately.   “Whenever I go into PACE, I do not feel rushed or pressured like I have felt at other financial institutions.”  Lori stresses this as one of the key reasons she has stayed with PACE for so long.  She appreciates the advice they give as they can truly benefit her and her situation.  “PACE goes out of their way to contact their members when changes in their accounts or issues arise personally.  They take those extra steps that keep me coming back.” – Lori Van Kessel

Peter Campbell since: 1985

Personal: Peter Campbell is a retired engineer who worked with the Toronto District School Board for many years. He continues to work part time on occasion to stay busy. Peter enjoys playing tennis and being outside in the nicer months. He works hard on his garden and hopes others enjoy the beauty he creates.

The PACE Difference: Peter began his relationship with PACE when he first started working with the Toronto District School Board as part of a payroll deduction. Both Peter and his wife are loyal PACE members for over 25 years. They have held many accounts with PACE over the years, from savings accounts to their mortgage and more. Peter enjoys coming into the Branch and likes being greeted by the friendly staff. Peter said, “I feel like a spoiled child with the attention I receive at PACE. I am welcomed by name and they provide me with personal helpful advice.” Before Peter came to PACE, he wasn’t thinking about saving for the future. He was offered assistance with making a financial plan and given tips on how to budget properly. When Peter was given the tools to prosper with his financial future, he was able to better understand family budgeting and financial planning. “PACE taught me a lot about my finances and how to use a budget. PACE defiantly helped me get into a better financial situation. -Peter Campbell

Tim Waugh since 2013

“A friend told me that PACE was better than a bank, so I decided to give them a try. I started with a chequing account and had my full pay deposited with them. Laura and Carolyne from the Aurora branch helped me with the little details. They were great – really helpful and friendly. I felt so welcomed. I recently started as an apprentice carpenter and I have to travel to job sites. Plus as I started to accumulate my own tools and needed a place to store them. I was worried that because I had never borrowed before it might be difficult to get a car loan. What a relief it was to deal with PACE. They helped me get the perfect car – a Toyota Corolla – through their Auto Department and financed it at an awesome rate. I was so thrilled that I tell all my friends and family about PACE. In fact my sister just got the mortgage for her first home from PACE. For me, PACE really is well beyond a bank.”

Maisie Summers since 2006

Personal:  Maisie is a 6 year old girl in grade 1.  She enjoys going to school and likes to play outside during recess.  Her favorite class is Art.  She likes to paint pictures using her favorite colors; red and blue. 

The PACE Difference:  PACE is Maisie’s first financial institution.  Her parents Lori and Kevin created her account when she was born.  They wanted to start Maisie on the right path to being a financially responsible person.  They are teaching her about money and savings.  Maisie likes to count money; especially pennies.  Like most children, Maisie has a piggy bank where she deposits her loose change.  Maisie enjoys the personal touch that PACE gives her; “I like that I get mail from PACE.  They sent me a Christmas card with my name on it.”  Maisie is greeted with a smile every time she comes into the branch.  Her favorite thing about coming into PACE is the treasure chest.  “I like bringing my money to PACE because I get to pick out a toy from the treasure chest.” – Maisie Summers

Todd Canning since 2009

Profile: Todd is the proud owner of Moksha Yoga Don Mills, which will be opening soon. He began his business account with PACE when he was part owner of Moksha Yoga Richmond Hill. Yoga is Todd’s life; he loves the healthy and active lifestyle. By creating his passion into a career it helps motivate him to continue to grow his business.

Personal: Todd is married with two young children. Todd enjoys spending time with his family and being active together.

The PACE difference: When Todd came into PACE for the first time, he didn’t know what a Credit Union could do for him. He was surprised to learn what PACE had to offer him and his business. He found that PACE could offer better rates and a better financial plan for his business than his previous bank. Todd likes that Credit Union’s support smaller businesses like his own. Todd said, ‘There is a community based feel to each branch. PACE really cares about my business and its success.’ Todd also says. ‘The best part about PACE is the relationships that I have created. I have always been very impressed with the way that PACE has treated me and my accounts. I’m not one for numbers but the ladies at the Markham Branch help me every step of the way.’


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