Mobile Text Banking Guide

Below is a step-by-step guide to help assist you with registering your phone for text banking alerts

Select ‘Messages and Alerts’ on the left side panel when logged into your online banking

Step 2:
The ‘Messages and Alerts’ Tab will drop down. Proceed by selecting the ‘Message Alerts Contacts and Mobile Nicknames’ option. The ‘Alerts Contacts & Mobile Nicknames’ page will give you the option to add a mobile number (as shown by the arrow below)

Step 3:
You will be directed to the Agreements page to review the alerts agreements. When you have finished reviewing this page you can select ‘I accept’ to signify you agree with the terms and proceed with adding your mobile phone, or you can select ‘I do not accept’ to end the process.

Step 4:
When you do accept, you will then have to register your phone. Enter your phone number and your service carrier, and then select the ‘Continue’ tab to register the phone

Now your phone is registered!


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