Bursary Awards

Applications for the 2018 PACE Bursary awards are now being accepted! You can submit your information at the link below.

All applications must be submitted by June 29th, 2018

2017 PACE Bursary Award Recipients

Congratulations to our bursary award recipients for 2017 We are pleased to have awarded 90 students with bursaries this year, totalling $69,750 in bursaries. Thank you to our bursary committee who took the time to read through each application. We are very proud of our student members and wish them a successful school year ahead!

PACE would like to congratulate the 2017 Bursary Award Recipients! Expand/Collapse

Adrian Jones
Alexandra Ford
Alicia Gavreau
Allison Lynch
Amie Nault
Andre Nault
Andrew Codispoti
Andrew Pagniello
Angelica Bennett
Blagoja Ivanovski
Bradley Bonitatibus
Caitlin Willert
Cassandra Simmons
Cassandra Farrugia
Catherine Smalley
Christina Summers
Colleen Spencer
David  lyver
Dillon Arruda
Douglas Naus
Eliza McFarlane
Emily Gavreau
Emily Marchment
Emma  Dallaire
Emma  Mandat-Toland
Erika Mckechnie
Garielle Chen
Gavin Stone
Geoffrey Davidson
Giordano Cassano

Hassan Abbod
Hayley Kirsh
Heather McGuckin
Henry Begg
Isabella Pagliocca
Jaden Lee-Lincoln
Jared Kirsh
Jenna Wilson
Jennifer King
Jennifer Wilson
Jeremy (Cooper) Jones
Jillian Castellan
Joel Tansy
Johnathan Smalley
Judah Ellis
Julia Silvano
Juliana Accettone
Kampan Ananthamoorthy
Keara Pagniello
Kelsey O'Connor
Kevin Smalley
Kevin Willert
Kevin Zhang
Kory Wansbrough
Kyle Keenliside
Laura Harrison
Laura Castellan
Madelaine Lynch
Madeleine Kay
Marina Loizides

Mary Catherine Quartarone
Matthew Delabbio
Matthew Marchment
Megan Saftich
Megan Chassels
Melissa Cuccia
Merrick Lloyd
Michael Courvoisier
Michelle Yip
Nicole Ashton
Peola Ellis
Rachel Darling
Rachel Smalley
Raghib Quader
Randi Busato
Saira Sian
Samantha Meechan
Samantha Merrlles
Sarah Saftich
Shannon  Burke
Shannon Campbell
Sierra Chovanec
Sonja Hawrysh
Stefan Vladusic
Tamoor Baig
Tara May-Russ
Taylor  Reevie
Tyson Tronowicz
Zachary Warren
Zack Kehl


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