Financial Statements

  • 2020 Financial Statements

    PACE is owned by our members and it's our duty to provide them with complete and regular updates on our financial performance. Read our 2020 Financial Statements to learn more.
  • 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements

    PACE financial position is a key performance metric.  We've focused on continuously enahancing our operations and efficiency because every dollar we save is a dollar we can invest in our members.  View our 2019 Consolidated Financial statements by clicking on the link.
  • 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements

    It takes a community of individuals all working together towards a common goal to ensure the success of their collective vision. Together we can continue to build greatness in our Credit Union. Read our 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements to learn more.
  • 2017 Consolidated Financial Statements

    It's easy to keep PACE with the financial performance of your credit union. View our 2017 Consolidated Financial Statments by clicking on the link

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