Our Path Forward

PACE Credit Union (PCU) is focused on working closely with the regulator to address governance issues which led to PCU being placed under administration. Establishing good governance delivers valuable services to the membership and builds a culture of trust.

Creating a clear strategic direction provides measurable goals that will assist PCU to manage its day-to-day operations while collectively working towards a common direction. This strategic plan identified 5 strategic objectives that will guide our ability to stabilize, sustain and scale up over the next three years - 2019 to 2021.

PCU Management is executing a three-year Strategic Plan that's driven by five key, measurable goals:    
• Enhanced Governance
• Cost Containment
• Increase Competencies
• Member Growth and Retention
• Accountability Culture

Our focus on moving forward is clear. We have built a strategic plan that will exit us from Administration, align our efficiency ratio with industry standards, bolster our capabilities, tailor financial solutions that meet our current and future members needs and instill a culture of accountability. PCU has a long history of successes and strengths to build upon – especially our incredible members, and the proud role we play in helping our communities grow and thrive.
At PCU Members Matter. Your voice continues to be central to how we shape the credit union. As part of this plan's development, management travelled to PCU communities to listen to their ideas and concerns. Feedback was invaluable in guiding the credit union forward. The strong actions taken by PCU has strengthened the foundations of our business while turning a corner on our path to be returned to a member-controlled governance structure. PCU is committed to operating in an ethical and transparent manner, with the best interests of our members as our priority.

If you're already a member, thank you for your business and for putting your trust in us. If you're considering joining, please come talk to us by visiting one of our branches or contacting our call center at 1- 877- 588 -7223.
At PCU you're an owner not just a customer.