Business Banking

A Better Way Of Business Banking

At PACE we believe in people thriving financially based on the sweat & intelligence they’ve put into their business so our business banking is designed to meet your needs in ways that big banks aren’t. As a co-operative bank owned by its members, we’re not working to make record profits, just enough to sustain us in what we do. Our service is flexible with the ability to view a business’s entire situation before making an informed decision on which direction to take. This flexibility allows us to offer you and your business support unmatched by that of traditional banks. In fact, small businesses consistently rate credit unions significantly higher than banks on financing, fees, experience with account managers and service1.

Here's Why Business Banking Is Better At PACE

Quicker Approvals

We can approve loans faster than the long difficult process of most big banks so no more waiting around for weeks just for a status update.

Easier Process

At PACE you’re the boss and your time is valuable so we work on avoiding the long, bureaucratic processes some bank head offices demand.

You're More Than A Score

At PACE character matters more than your credit scores on some complicated matrix. We get to know you and your own unique financial history so if you’ve had a major illness or a divorce it won’t count against you.

More Flexible

As a co-operative, we believe in the strength of people working together so you’ll find us more flexible and motivated to find innovative solutions to your business financial challenges.

No Nickel & Diming

Our boss isn’t the share price, it’s you. So we won’t gouge you with sneaky extra fees for things like extra administration or paper statements.

Not Pushy

Without the need to make record profits each year, you’ll find we don’t endlessly try to upsell you to a credit card or other services you may not need.

Relationship That Last

We have low staff turnover so, unlike the banks who are always rotating people through the branches, you’ll get to know the people who manage your business and we get to know you.


You’ll have access to 13 branches over 3,300 ATMs across Canada and online banking 24/7.



Business Banking Account Options

Essential Business Chequing Account

If your company writes cheques sparingly, this account provides 10 transactions per month along with printed and electronic record keeping for a monthly fee of just $10.

Advantage Business Chequing Account

For the business that requires 30 or fewer cheques per month, this account provides complete record keeping and low service fees.

Advantage Plus Business Chequing Account

When more activity is required this account provides 60 transactions per month for just $32.00. And overdraft protection is always free.

Premium Business Chequing Account

When writing cheques is a daily occurrence this account provides 100 transactions per month with the ability to bank by phone, Internet or debit card.

Community Chequing Account

One of the commitments of every credit union is that we assist and reinvest in the communities we serve.  The PACE Community Chequing account is just one way in which we assist by offering a no fee chequing account to local schools, charities, churches and other non-profit organizations.

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1 'Battle of the Banks' Survey by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses of nearly 13,000 small business owners, May, 2013